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Welcome, I'm Adam and I am a counsellor/psychotherapist practising in Edinburgh. People come to therapy for various reasons, they may be experiencing anxiety, depression, someone may have passed or a relationship may have fallen apart, something about life could simply not feel right. The ​list can feel exhaustive. For me, therapy represents an opportunity to work through difficult feelings and emotional states, to wrestle with the aspects of ourselves we don't necessarily understand or like, and to potentially come out the other side. Therapy can and does reduce symptoms, but it can also lead to so much more. It can make life feel more meaningful and help us to heal ourselves.

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A Bit About Therapy

I use an integrative approach. This basically means that I am trained in and use two different, but similar, approaches (The Person-centred and Psychodynamic approach). In practice, I am always attempting to follow you and put myself in your shoes. The way I work puts you, as the client, at the centre of what I do. I will reflect, question, be curious about what you are sharing with me. A cliche of therapy which holds true is that it can be difficult before it gets easier. For me, it's about being along side you in that process and helping you to discover what you need and want.

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Services I Offer

At this point in time I offer therapy on a one-to-one basis with adults (individuals aged 16 and over).


Individual Therapy

I offer a talking therapy, my focus is on what you feel is most important to talk about. I aim to offer a warm and accepting space, to empathise with how you feel. I may respond with a reflection, a question, and I might be able to offer some insight. Your process is paramount and I aim to help you find the resources, techniques, skills, solutions, and answers to help you feel better. 

A typical session tends to be similar to a conversation, although the space is yours to work through what you wish. I am there with you and for you.

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Contact Me

If you are looking to arrange a meeting, please click on the button in the section above or at the top of the page. Here you will find an information form, which can be filled out and returned to one of these addresses.

13 Smith's Pl, Edinburgh EH6 8NT, UK

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