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Cancellation Policy

If, for any reason, you need to cancel a session, please let me know as soon as possible. If a session is cancelled within 48 hours of the time that we agree to meet, then payment is necessary for the missed session. 

This all concerns instances where a session is cancelled without notice or discussion, or when there are not exceptional circumstances e.g. a medical emergency.  

If, for any reason, I have to cancel a session, I will make every effort to let you know as soon as possible. No payment will be expected in the instance where I have to cancel.  

In some cases, it may be possible to rearrange the session at short notice, but this cannot be assumed. 

Ending Therapy

Ending therapy is a significant part of the process. It is your right to leave therapy at any point, for any reason. 

This section is important as I will assume you wish to end therapy if two sessions are missed without contact.

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There are only a couple of instances in which anything you share will not remain confidential. In the event that I believe there is a risk of serious harm to you or a third party outside of our relationship then I may have to break confidentiality. In this case, I would make every effort to discuss this with you beforehand and gain your consent.  

The other instance is in relation to supervision. I am bound by the ethical framework I adhere to, to engage in continuous supervision of my practice and this involves discussing my work with clients. Anything I share in either 1-1 or group supervision will be anonymised. My supervisor and colleagues are bound by confidentiality also.

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Privacy Statement

Information received enters a password protected e-mail account and laptop. I am the only user of this laptop/e-mail account. Any paper copies of documents or notes will be kept in a secure location at all times. In accordance with GDPR guidelines, I hold any documentation for seven years, and then destroy it. All precautions are taken in protecting your information.  

I keep client records in accordance with the Data Protection Act/GDPR guidelines. This means that your permission is needed for me to collect and keep any personal data whether by manual or electronic means. In order for us to work together and me to be able to contact you, I need to collect and process personal data. I understand that some of the information I collect is sensitive and I can only use such data where I have your explicit consent. Your personal and sensitive data will only be used in order to provide this service for you.  

If you decide that you wish to exercise your right under GDPR guidelines to access information I hold about you, please submit a request to  

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