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Services I Offer

At this point in time I am working solely with individuals. Autonomy, giving you the choice as to how you carry out your therapy process, is at the heart of what I do. I will work with you on a short to long term basis, in line with your needs.


Individual Therapy

Therapy is about you and your process. I aim to meet you in that process and offer a relationship which can help to alleviate symptoms, make sense of troubling experiences, find meaning in painful ones, and discover purpose where it felt like there was none.

Price List:

£50 per session

Services: Services

What To Expect At Your Visit

Meeting new people, specifically a therapist, can be a significant task. I'm here to help with this hurdle and give the information you need to make the decision which is right for you. 

The initial meeting is more informal, it gives us a chance to see if we want to work together, if I can help. It will be important for me to give you, as well as ask for, some more information. Ultimately, this is a chance for you to share with me what is bringing you to therapy, to discuss what you want to use therapy for, and for us to decide if we want to work together. 

I offer fifty minutes for the initial meeting. 

Services: About Therapy

Price List

Initial Meeting: £50

Sessions (in person, online, by phone): £50

Sessions can be paid for through bank transfer (BACS). At this point in time, I cannot take card payment in person.

Services: Price List
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